Salt Lake Comic Con Artist Alley Day 3

The morning was the same as the past 2 days, slow for a while and picks up after some people have had time to look around.
I've been watching all the cosplayers that walk past my table and I've decided which ones were my favorites. Thursday, there was a guy dressed as the bill from school house rock. Friday, there was an older man that was the perfect John Hammond from Jurassic Park. Saturday was actually a Deadpool costume. I love Deadpool but I'm Deadpool cosplay fatigued. there always a million of them every con. This one however was an exception. He was Dino Deadpool.

My favorite Deapool cosplay. Dinopool

My favorite Deapool cosplay. Dinopool

Around noon, my sister Taya and our friend Rachell came and babysat my table so I could go do a few things. I was invited to go on a podcast at 2, so I went and did that. It was a quick 15 minute discussion. They asked me about what kind of art I do, my influences and then trends going on now in art, design and comics. It was fun and cool, I'd never done a podcast before. 

I finally got to walk the floor a bit. I ventured into the vendor areas and was astounded at how packed it was. It was like if a couple thousand packed sardines decided to do a mosh pit. 

I made my way to artist alley and combed through half of it. I saw a bunch of artists that were doing some really cool and interesting work. There's also a big portion of the alley that just looks the same to me. Talented artists that mostly draw abbed up super heroes. There's nothing wrong with that but for my taste there just isn't a whole lot of inspiration and personality being drawn or conveyed in many of that fan art. 

I swung back through the big aisle that had the comic pros and briefly talked to a few. I talked to Elizabeth Breitwesier again. I was wearing my battle vest this time and she was excited to see it again since that's how she remembered me from 2 years ago. We talked again for a while school, TV, family stuff  and comic stuff. She was there with her husband who was working on some commission work and he accidentally spilled some ink on a portfolio book with some comic pages in it. I ran and got them some paper towels. Some of the art got ink stained on it and it was a total bummer. I didn't want to linger while they cleaned up and assessed the damage so I gave her my card and said to swing by If she was walking around the floor.

I was happy to find that Taya and Rachell sold a bunch of prints while I was gone. They left and did their own thing. The Stranger Things print had sold out but I got some emergency copies that day from a friend who did some late night printing for me. The prints ended up being slightly different than my first batch and these looked a little softer. Some people liked these ones more, some didn't care and some preferred the 1st ones. So it worked out and I sold a handful more.

There were a few more people during the con that asked me about commissions. I explained the process is a little different for me than a traditional illustrator. I'm sorta picky and choosey on what extra things I'd like to pick up. One guy was interested in some branding for a book series his brother was working on. That one sounds cool to me. (He ended up emailing me later that night about it). That one I might do.

I was chilling for a while watching for customers and Elizabeth came over. She checked out my stuff and complemented on my color choices on my originals. We talked a while longer and before she left I asked for a selfie and she was happy to take one and said to tag her in it so she has a face to remember with the vest. She said she hopes to see me at the next con and then went back to her table. 
I'm gonna get mushy for a second but I'm pretty ecstatic that I got to become friends with one of my comic heroes. It's a bit validating and surreal for me.


Making friends with Elizabeth Breitweiser!

Making friends with Elizabeth Breitweiser!

The rest of the con was normal and fairly busy. I actually delayed my tear down for a while when the floor closed and it paid off. I got like 3 last minute buys from people.

When I got home I ran through the numbers to see how I did. 
I sold 76 prints and went over breaking even. However with the cost of last minute prints and the amount that I spent on some art there. I'm pretty much breaking even. But there are still some friends that couldn't make it to the con that wanted to buy some, so I might slightly come out on top.

So the biggest sellers I had were

  1. Stranger Things
  2. Furiosa
  3. Rey
  4. Wendy
  5. Chemicals

It was interesting to see the types of people who bought each one. Stranger Things and Wendy sold to about every demo. A lot of adult women bought Furiosa. A lot young girls got the Rey. People who bought the chemicals one I think wanted something more designy and clean.

So even though I basically came out even, I think it was a big success for me. I burned through almost all my business cards, so now there are about 100 people out in the wild that have my info. I learned a lot from it and I already have ideas about what I do and don't want to do the next con. I'm also quite a bit more energized to make more original art and do more comic oriented work. 
I've been so used to keeping all my art to myself and I get in my own head and question If It's any good at all. It feels amazing to now share it everyone and have a lot of people connect with It. That makes it all worth It to me.

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 Artist Alley. I give it 9 thumbs up.