salt lake comic con

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 Artist Alley Day One

Before i start on day one, let's go back 2 days ago.
I've got everything ready to go and i'm pretty much set for artist alley.
Murphy's law steps in. I wake up with a cold.
God Dammit...
So for the next 2 days, I drink an elephants weight in water and get 13 hours of sleep each night.
Well this morning, on the day of the con, i actually burned through the friggin monkey wrench of a cold. Suck. It. Murphy.

My artist space is in a bit of an odd location, it's not exactly attached to the mainland that is artist alley. I'm basically Hawaii, up against the wall looking at artist alley and other vendors. (i know geographically that doesn't describe Hawaii but shut up)
The first few hours were reeeeally slow. I got some bites here and there. Most of the day people did come and check my stuff out and lots of them really dug what I was doing but most didn't buy anything. The last few hours is when I got a lot of people buying art.

Ian Maxfield Comic con location
Ian Maxfield's Artist alley booth alley salt lake comic con

Ian Maxfield's Artist alley booth alley salt lake comic con

There were a few things that were pretty cool and gave me the feel goods. A handful of times people complemented my setup and art pieces being nicer and cleaner than most art in the alley. There were also a handful of designers that came out of the wild to come talk to me and they really appreciated the design approach in my art. I enjoy talking art with people but I love to nerd on design when I can..

As for art today that got some love. I was very surprised which ones came out on top.
I thought hands down my Stranger Things, Furiosa and Rey posters would sell a ton.
My Wendy Peffercorn (from Sandlot) probably got the most love today from non buyers and bunch of people did pick that one up.
However, the one that sold the most today was one of my originals. It's the Black and Pink Chemicals one. That was very pleasantly surprising.
Stranger Things did get a lot of verbal love and a few buys, I think tomorrow it will sell a lot more, especially since the actress who plays 11 will be there. I plan on posting a sticky note with her signing times on it, so hopefully people pick it up to take to her to sign.

Wendy Peffercon from the sandlot

Wendy Peffercon from the sandlot

At the end of the day, I only sold one poster short of my quota. I have a set quota that i'd like to hit if I want to break even for all the con costs. I'm still pretty happy with today, especially for a Thursday.

So day one was a success.